Blogging is a whole new world for me. It all started when I shared with my friends that I wanted to write a book. When I share some of the topics I am going to write about my friends are all in tears laughing. The problem is as you may have noticed is that I am not a writer. I first started my blog as Whirlwindmama4 but realized that I was often referring to myself as Super Suburb Mom and thought I would start blogging under this title. Turns out I have 66 views for only 2 blogs, not bad for a beginner. On my Whirlwindmama4 site I have over 400 views. I am extatic and feeling inspired. Granted I have only a couple of likes and very few comments but I will take it. My trouble is I am not able to translate my humor onto paper. Do I write what I plan to publish someday? I am always careful to not cause controversy which I guess is limiting me on my topics. So much to learn and so much figure out. Nonetheless I am going to keep picking away at this blogging thing until I get into a grove.

I have so much to share and so many stories to tell and find this journey  to be a great outlet for all the random thoughts in my head that someday may very well turn into a book. I love to make people laugh. I love when people learn from my hard lessons. Blogging is very liberating. I am loving even more what I learn from others.

So thank you to all who viewed my blogs, you are inspiring me to write and grow.