Here are the girls I will be cruising withI am four days away from going on my first Girls Weekend in 13 years. My first girls weekend since I started dating my husband and my first girls weekend since having kids.  I want to lie and say I am so excited and can’t get out of here soon enough but the truth is I am anxious. I love spending time with my husband and really do not like leaving my kids. I even purchased travel insurance in case I chicken out. I know this will be good for me and for my kids but right now I am just   nervous. I leave Friday morning before the kids are up and return Monday the 13th at 3 pm. Four days seems like forty to me.

My six-year-old asked me why I was leaving and I said “sometimes mommies need a day off” and he responded by saying ” so you need a day off from me” UGH dagger through the heart and at that very moment I just wanted to call the travel agent and cancel the trip. BUT I did not instead  I told him ” you are getting a break from me. A break from me telling you what to do and to give you special time with dad”. I was so proud of myself for coming up with such a clever answer. Somehow the idea of them getting a break from me is not as bad or scary as me needing a break from them and of course the bonus of extra time with dad , time with him trumps everything.

I am leaving laundry done, sheets changed, rides for sports and parties taken care of and even have the cleaning lady come on Monday to get the house nice and clean for my return. I don’t think I can possibly make this easier on my husband. Part of me wants to just throw him to the wolves and let him figure it out but part of me appreciates him too much to do that. My husband travels frequently and I am left to figure out four conflicting basketball games, ccd, parties and other events on my own. Part of me feels like he might truly appreciate my day-to-day realities if I just let him work it all out. At the end though I decided to leave it all ready for him so he can enjoy the kids and not be distracted by all the other things that need to be taken care of.

I have friends who take annual trips with their friends and have told me that this will just be the beginning of girls weekends for me. They say once I start I will wonder why I did not do it sooner. That remains to be seen. There is so much prep work before I go, not sure that four days away is worth the effort in leaving but I hear it is. My husband will be away from us from June to Sept 1 and I know this will be the only chance at getting some me time in a while so went for it. I feel guilty, excited and nervous.

Bon voyage! Wish me luck. Here is to getting some me time and hoping that they will all love me that much more when I get back.